deals heating wrap | ultimowraps Food Wrap Butter Paper (72 Feet) Parchment Paper(22 m)

ultimowraps Food Wrap Butter Paper (72 Feet) Parchment Paper(22 m)

-23% ultimowraps Food Wrap Butter Paper (72 Feet) Parchment Paper(22 m)
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-45% TDS PLUS WRAP 30 Meter Packing, Cooking & Baking Parchment Paper Roll...
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-15% Fluf Food Wrapping Paper/Butter paper - 10 Meters -White (Pack of 2)...
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-64% Ayansh E-Store (200 Sheet) Butter Paper Parchment Paper for Cooking, Non-Stick Paper...
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-17% Fluf Food Wrapping Paper/Butter paper - 20 Meters -White (Pack of 2)...
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-22% Énorme Generic Magnetic Therapy Neck Belt Tourmaline Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Neck...
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-50% OXGENTA ®Anti-aging Neck Brace Belt Wrap Neck Support(Black)
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-67% Wisdom Wrap for Car & Bike(Silver)
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-50% ELANOR we care life Multipurpose Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt for Pain Relief...
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-42% Afflatus Heat Shrink Tube Cable Wrap Wire Sleeve 560 Pieces Insulated wire...
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-40% ARCOVA HOME Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt | Joints, Muscle, Back, Leg, Shoulder,...
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-35% Fedus Orthopaedic Electric Heating Waist Belt Wrap Lower Back Heat Therapy Pad...
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-30% AEGON Neck Shoulder Pain Hot and Cold Wrap Microwave Heating Pad Warmer...
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-40% ADDMAX Heating Pad - Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt Lower Back Heat Therapy...
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-40% ADDMAX Orthopedic Heating Pad - Electric Heating Belt Waist Wrap Lower Back...
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-34% Kostech Suana Slimming Belt for Weight Loss | Slimming Body Wrap Heating...
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UltimoWraps Food Wrapping Butter paper, a multi-purpose food grade paper ideal for wrapping your everyday meals like paranthas, rotis, burgers, sandwiches & many more such items. It is heat resistant up to 220 degree Celsius, non-sticky, Certified for contact with food & keeps food fresher than aluminum foil due to its breathable material which optimizes the moisture content of your food. The product can be safely used in microwave ovens within this range.Now make your packed meals fun and keep it fresh by using UltimoWraps Food Wrapping Butter Paper. Wrap your loved ones a smile not germs. Keeps the food fresh and hygienic for a longer period of time and even hot. Even the hot food can directly be packed in it. Wrapped food in this paper roll sheet can further be put directly in the microwaves for re-heating. Microwave, freezer and oven safe up to 220 deg. C . Ideal for home, office, school, picnic and travel purpose.

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